Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Classics Club: Spinning...

The Classics Club is organising a spin!  What's this, you say?  A nice little challenge, that's what it is!  A list of 20 classics to read, all ordered in a nice list, and on Monday, there will be a spin, and whichever number is picked, this book I'll read by April 2013 - Let's go!

My Spin list, by order of feeling:

My dreaded

1.  D.H. Lawrence - Lady Chatterley's lover (I've read it once, and found it boring...)
2.  Goethe - Faust (I'll either  love it or hate it...)
3.  Sueskind - Das Parfum (I've seen parts of the movie, and I was slightly nauseous...)
4.  Kafka - Der Prozess (I really don't know what to expect here...)
5.  Nietsche - Also sprach Zarathustra (why are 4 of my dreaded ones German???)

My desired

6.  Rushdie - The Satanic verses (finally, to read what the whole fuss was about...)
7.  Angelou - I know why the caged bird sings (both desired and dreaded, I hope it turns out     to be great!)
8.  Shakespeare - Taming of the Shrew (ohhh...)
9.  Conan Doyle - Sherlock Holmes: Scandal in Bohemia (we all need a little scandal now and then...)
10.  Sophocles - Οἰδίπους Τύραννος (Oedipus Rex - a classic masterpiece)

My oh well, whatever...

11.  Shelley - Frankenstein (can you believe I haven't read this?)
12.  Scott Fitzgerald - This side of Paradise (want to see whether the genius of Gatsby will continue)
13.  Camus - La chutte (I have no idea what to expect)
14.  Plato - Συμπόσιον (Symposium - let's talk about love)
15.  Darwin - On the origin of species (I have to read this at some point...)

My free choices

16.  Swift - Gulliver's travels (I've been meaning to read this ever since I was a child)
17.  Orwell - Animal Farm (a re-read, one of the books that have left a mark on me)
18.  Christie - Murder at the Vickarage (a little whodunnit never hurts)
19.  Miller - Death of a Salesman (I've seen the play quite a number of times, I need to read the book..)
20.  Wharton - House of Mirth (I didn't like the first book of hers I read, so this is my second try)

I'm really curious to see which book I'll be reading - what fun!

UPDATE:  It's lucky number 14!  Symposium, by Plato, an elegy on love... Happy reading to all classic clubbers!


  1. You are second person I see dreading "Lady Chatterley's Lover". I am through some 60 pages and find it very captivating :)

    Kafka may be a bit depressing but from Süskind I have pleasant memories.

    And I haven't read Frankenstein either, but it's in my big list :) Good luck with the draw!

    1. Well, I will definitely read the Lover, but I doubt I'll change my mind... From the dreaded Germans, I don't mind if they're depressing, as long as I can make out the meaning!

  2. So it's not only me who thinks Lady Chatterley's Lover boring...

    I also have Darwin on my list, but I don't know when I will get to it, maybe I'd better read your review first.

    No. 17 Animal Farm, isn't it Orwell's book?

    1. thanks Fanda, I was still asleep when writing it this morning... Good luck with the spinning!

  3. Hope you get one you like! I read Why the Caged Bird Sings in high school. I remember liking it, but thinking it was a bit overrated. I'd be curious to see what you think of it.

    1. I've read several different comments on this book, which makes me really want to read it !

  4. I tried reading Lady Chatterley's Lover but also found it boring! I want to re-read it too. Oh and I'll be joining The Classics Club too, just need to do my list!

    1. That's excellent news! Welcome!

  5. I hope you discover some Wharton love (did you by any chance start with Ethan Frome?) She's not a happy ever after writer, but her characters, their dilemma's and the mood and atmosphere she creates are magic (often in a melancholy kind of way, but magic none-the-less).
    Good luck

    1. Why yes, that was the first Wharton I read... I'm keeping an open mind, as plenty of readers have told me what you just did - Looking forward to be pleasantly surprised!

  6. I love Gulliver's Travels, it's so dark in its humour but pretty timeless. Look forward to seeing what you end up with!

    1. thanks Alex - three more days...




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