Saturday, 24 May 2014

Moby Dick: A whale of a readalong!

Yep, I have to drag myself back into the art of reading and writing about it -- plus, I've wanted to read Moby Dick for a very long time.  No time like the present, and RoofBeamReader's invitation was hard to resist.

For my reading, I plan to use two modes:  my wonderful hard-bound copy purchased at the well-known English bookstore Shakespeare and Company in Paris, that's bound to bring back happy memories of a spectacular bookstore and a well-read personnel, ready to help with all types of requests...

and ...

The podcasts from Moby Dick Big Read, which, back in 2012, I would religiously wait for to download because I worried they would disappear.  Fear not, the site still exists and it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear beautiful voices read each chapter (and marvel at the artistic interpretations).  I plan to use these podcasts on my daily walks and hope that the combination of listening and reading brings me to the 15 pages per day RoofBeamReader suggests...

Join the readalong - a great way to start the summer!


  1. Welcome back! Glad you're joining :)

    I LOVE Shakespeare and Company, desperate to go back one day...

    1. thank you thank you! Yes, what a wonderful getaway place in the middle of Paris...

  2. Anonymous25/5/14

    This should be a lot of fun! It's my second time, but the first was quite a few years ago and I was wildly distracted with other things. I'm glad to have great company & (hopefully) undivided attention for this next attempt. I'm looking forward to experiencing some of the podcasts, too, although I don't think I'll have time to listen to all of them.

    1. Looking forward to it - thanks for hosting!




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