Saturday, 11 February 2012

War and Peace - week 2

Where am I:

Book One: 1805, end of Vol. 1

Challenges in this part:

I'm really a peace-loving person, but I have to confess I'm slowly getting bored with all this partying...  
In addition, I still can only read with the list of the characters beside me -- as well as the relationships between them!

Comments and thoughts:

Very interesting attitude towards life - nothing precious, we all "may die in your bed or God may spare you in a battle"
I also thoroughly enjoy Tolstoy's insight into the mechanisms of high society - the matchmaking plans according to class/money/ambitions, the "family" workings behind the scenes so that illegitimate Pierre gets nothing of his father's will (and the fact that a simple letter to the Emperor suffices for legitimation - I suppose this applies only to sons...)

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