Monday, 20 February 2012

Books to read when ill

I've been down with the flu for 4 days now, and my brain is no longer functioning... this makes me very sad, because there are plenty of literature books I would like to read, but do not have the capacity... The only books I can muster to just barely read are some like this:

The French Archive of Design and Decoration

Sketches, designs and patterns of all the ideas for furniture, textiles, wallpapers -- anything basically to do with the interiors.  On a good day, I would be inspired to start changing my own house, but on days like this, I just look at the beautiful pictures and perhaps make a note somewhere for a later date...

Elizabeth Taylor - My love affair with jewelry

Well, I can't say much - she did have beautiful jewelry (I actually had the opportunity to see some of them at Christie's in Paris), but really, they are good for the soul!  Such exemplary stones counter the effect of all the medication I'm taking...

Carolyne Roehm - A passion for flowers

One of the most inspirational publications I've ever read about flowers, I constantly return to this book, just to marvel at the beauty of nature!  Roehm used to be a fashion designer, before making a turn in her life and discovering the "little pleasures" - it's always reassuring that however ill I am, there are these colours around me to comfort me...

(now, back to sleep...)


  1. ((virtual hug, free of bugs)) Hope you feel well soon!

  2. take care of yourself :) it is difficult to read when sick

  3. I hope you feel better now!

  4. thanks everyone - much much better, still on meds - at least I can read again!!!




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