Monday, 2 January 2012

A brand new year of books!

I must have been veeeeery good last year, for Santa got me a Kindle reader!  As a result, I've been downloading millions (ok, not exactly millions...) of books - starting from the free ones, but I've already moved to the regular ones.  Not in a shopaholic manner, my credit card is still intact, but I must admit it's been fun ever since!  I do keep on buying printed books as well however, and I did receive a couple of them for Christmas and birthday.  But here's my discovery:  one can adjust the font of the text on Kindle, meaning that ever so slightly bigger letters are much more easy to the eye, and I'm reading much more quickly J
Reviews coming at a faster pace, I think!!!

Happy New Year to us all!


  1. What fun. We have to compare downloads. Happy New Year

  2. Kindles are so great, cool that you got one! It's very dangerous though, how easy it is to buy a book, just one click and it's as if it never happened...

  3. I also got a Kindle for Christmas! And I agree that it can be dangerous how easy it is to download a book and not realize your credit card is being eaten alive...




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