Friday, 13 January 2012

two more please...

... challenges and then I swear I'm done!

Graham Greene challenge hosted by Carrie at Books & Movies:  I have his books, I love his books.  Need I say more?  Challenge:  3 books (for the time being...)
European Challenge hosted by Rose at Rose City Reader:  Excellent idea (thanks to Joanna for posting about this).  Challenge: 5 books

My intentions so far:

L. Tolstoy - War and Peace (Russia)
E.E. Schmitt - La part de l'autre (France)
P. Sueskind - Das Parfum (Germany)
J. Gaarder - Sophie's world (Norway)
M. Kundera - The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Czech Republic/France)


  1. Welcome to the Graham Greene challenge!

  2. ha ha, you're addicted! :-) Great list - I really liked Perfume, though it WAS creepy, and I remember liking Sophie's World, though that's on my re-read list, it was so long ago that I read it.




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