Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pin it and Do it: Wrap up post

When Trish announced that she would be hosting this pinteresting challenge in October, I knew I had found a great challenge:  a whole month free to cook and craft (in my case, knitting and papercraft) was exactly what I needed to counter the intense workdays in the office!

I was overly ambitious and went for the 8+ level!  Would I make it?  Let's see - these are my pins:

Pin it and Do it in October

1.  Knit bags

I've been knitting quite a lot lately, and as such, I have to have a nice little (knitted) bag where to stash my work in progress (and not trash it in a carrier bag like before...).  This pin from Simply Knitting gave 4 different patterns, of which I chose the easiest one (figures!)

2.  Snowflakes

This is another one of those pins from Elinée that blew me away.  I'm currently going through a faze where I want to give home-made presents to my nearest and dearest.  For my grandmother, I think a bunch of these would provide a nice little Christmas decoration!

3.  Thank-you hats

Jackie first noted these hats in Purl Bee and I liked not only the simple pattern but also the story they can tell.  I immediately pinned and did one!

4. Mac and cheese muffins

The original pin from allrecipes, it is one of the few recipes I didn't change - ok, my cheese melange was slightly different, but other than that I followed the original recipe.  Only, the recipe said 12 muffins -- I ended up with 24 muffins and a small cake tin full of mac and cheese:  Heaven!!! 

5.  Pumpkin cream cheese truffles

This is one pin from Erin's food files I was looking forward to make for Halloween!  The elegance, the poise of the truffles... and that's why mine came out as rocks!!! Still, the freshness of the filling with the white chocolate (I don't like chocolate, so I can only use white - which is not chocolate...) were truly enjoyed by all those present!

6.  Maple apple cheesecake bars

From the original pin from cookies & cups, I kept ... the apple!  I'm afraid I changed everything else, because I simply had other ingredients in my fridge/larder... Still, the bars came out amazing!!!

7.  Chicken meatballs with cilantro dip

The original pin from skinnytaste was for turkey meatballs, which I substituted with chicken mince.   In place of the cilantro dip, I just made tzatziki (a yogurt dip with grated cucumber)

8.  Crumb coffee cake

One of the classic recipes in Saveur, I pinned the cake to recreate this 1950s feeling during coffee time, although I have to admit even with modern-day standards it fits quite nicely... I only added apples between the two layers, as I have to have my fruit!

9.  Vegetarian tortillas

What a revelation!  I pinned this recipe from Australian Healthy Food because I had just bought 3 of the ingredients in a Mexican store.  Little did I know I would come to love this recipe for its simplicity, ease of preparation and immense taste!

10.  Beef enchiladas

This was my first pin from My San Francisco Kitchen, in view of my culinary adventures with Mexican/Tex-Mex cuisine.  The enchiladas turned out beautiful - simple as that!

And then I got ill with a nasty cold - this pin saved my mental health:  heart-warming, pampering, filling! I can't stop thinking of this pin from Lindsey's Luscious...

Thanks Trish for hosting this event - it brought out the pinaholic in me!


  1. That knit bag is so pretty and I absolutely love those snowflakes! I'm sure your grandma (or anyone) would love to receive those as a gift, I know I would!

  2. I came over from Trish's round-up of Pin It and Do It Challenge posts. You did great with this challenge!

    I'm terrible about changing the recipe before I've even made it once, so the maple apple cheesecake bars made me laugh! Your version looks amazing!

    Hope you're feeling better -- that chicken soup looks like just the ticket!

    1. It's the fun with cooking - up to now changing ingredients has worked!

  3. I hope Trish organizes another one soon, I repinned most of these! The bags and hats make me want to re-learn how to knit... though I was never that good at it in the first place!

    1. Don't worry - I can teach you in no time!




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