Thursday, 27 December 2012

Pin it and Do it Holiday edition: wrap-up post

This is the second Pin it and Do it challenge I participate in, and I have to admit I enjoy it completely!  I get to be increasingly crafty and I ... like it - I really do!

I didn't manage to complete that much this time around, still I'm happy with the progress made:

Increasingly, I'm giving vouchers as presents - what with the distance and the timing and the fact that we all have everything we need, I prefer to let the person addressed decide how to best appreciate my small token...
Original from Ellinee

Not a bad first try at a knitted poncho, I like the multiple colours that will match anything on casual days. While the design is like this, I'm considering adding fringes...
Original from Lion brand

My first ever attempt at a fish pie is still my favourite!  Original from Jamie Oliver

One of my favourite German winter recipes, this dish includes meat, rice and vegetables - perfect for a chilly day! Original from various German cooking sites, like this one

The last of the remaining Halloween pumpkin was used for these cookies for Thanksgiving!  Original from My baking addiction

I had planned to cook a number of Asian dishes in December, but it just didn't come to it.  Still, this dish proved to be very successful!  Original from just one cookbook

A recipe for a typical Greek Christmas cookie, it yielded way too many little ones that were snapped in no time!  Still, the whole preparation phase made me think whether I'll try this again... Original from keeptalkinggreece

Coconut macaroons
To counter all the festive eating, my take on a healthy dessert - these whimsical macaroons!  Original from peanut butter and peppers

And, there are still other craft projects in progress that will not finish by the end of this Pin it and Do it challenge!  Thanks Trish for bringing out the crafter in me, and - when is the next challenge due???


  1. Keep up the good work ! If you ever need a taster let me know :)

  2. You actually managed to do a lot! I love this challenge, I'm happy that Trish keeps organising it.

  3. Happy new year, Patty :) You did really well on the Pinterest challenge! I read that Trish is going to host another round soonish? Here's to a fun, happy and healthy year with lots of great books, tasty food and creativity!

    1. Happy new year to you too! I love your wishes for 2013 and can only repeat them to everyone!




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