Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Tell-Tale Heart, by E.A. Poe

Are you tired that your eyes want to shut down?  Still, you would like to read a little bit?  The Tell-Tale Heart by E.A. Poe is a delightful short story for just this purpose.

The confession of a murderer and the story behind his actions, the whole preparation phase but also the twists in this account are truly remarkable - I was surprised that this is possible in so few pages.

While reading, I usually want to reach the end and know what happened there - not in this case, there never was a moment of quite and relaxation.  I was so hooked on the plot developping, I just focused on reading and getting to the next twist... 
This was such great writing that it doesn't need a longer text!  


  1. One of my favourites - glad you liked it!




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