Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Classics Club Readathon - finished!

I've been looking forward to this readathon since last year!  A chance to read a good chunk of classic literature is always very welcome to me - I can get distracted very easily...

The Classics Club blog has organised a little starting point and finishing point questionnaire, and I'll try to update from time to time my progress towards my reading:

  1. Name and Blog: Patty at A Tale of Three Cities
  2. Snacks and Beverages of Choice: Fast food, I'm afraid - some very nice cheeseballs and chickenballs from the Greek deli, downed with some detox smoothies!
  3. Where are you reading from today? constantly changing depending on mood...
  4. What are your goals for the Readathon? Get a good chunk of reading done!
  5. What book(s) are you planning on reading? I'm starting with Sophie's World by     J. Gaarder.  If I manage to finish, I'll continue with In praise of shadows by J. Tanizaki and then I'll see what else!!!
  6. Are you excited? oh yes!

so, ok - I did get everything set from early on on Saturday (I'm supposed to be starting at 14.00 Brussels time) and I may have read a couple of chapters from Sophie's world just to get an idea of the book...

14.00 - Start of the Readathon - very chilly today! it's really a good time to stay under covers and read!

17.30 - One third of the book done, I've noticed that my speed is getting slower as the day progresses... I'll have a tiny break now and get some tidying done in the house (I'm just back from the holidays)

22.00 - I've stopped at page 401 of 611.  I'm just too tired to understand what I'm reading.  I may look at another, lighter book from my list for the remainder of the day.  I'll read the rest of Sophie's world tomorrow!

00.15 - Finished book #1, In Praise of Shadows by J. Tanizaki - that's it for day one. See you all tomorrow!

06.30 - Good morning!  The order of the day is a huge pot of coffee and the remainder of Sophie's world...

10.05 (to be exact) - Finished with book #2, Sophie's World by J. Gaarder.  This is the end of my first Classics Club readathon!

A big thank you goes to the moderators who kept everyone motivated even at odd hours (I was barely awake when I saw Allie's and Adam's tweets, making it past midnight their time...) but also to the fellow bloggers who have provided me with YET more books on my TBR list!

For my part, I'm amazed that I managed a 600+ book in two half days - which is a good thing, as there are another 3 such books waiting in line...

See you all in the pages of the Classics Club!


  1. Sophie's World can get pretty heavy at times with all that philosophising!
    So far I've been totally distracted by blogging and haven't got very far at all!
    Happy reading from Sydney Australia
    Brona's Books

    1. many thanks - happy reading to you too!

  2. I've never even heard of Sophie's World... I'll have to look into it. Good luck with the rest of the readathon, hope you find something else to capture your attention!

    1. I'm very impressed with it - a bit of revision from high school, a bit of new ideas. I just need a fresh brain to get to the rest of the book... Thanks Adam and happy reading to you too!

  3. Hey, nice to have company. It's 1:30 am here in Houston and I'm still reading. Congrats for finishing the one book. It's been raining all day here and the steady rain eased the day. Happy reading.

    1. Hi Vikk - it's a gloomy morning here, perfect for reading- enjoy the rest of your readathon!

  4. Wow, you made amazing progress! Sophie's world is a REAL chunkster, so I am more than impressed.
    Also, congratulations that you managed to get up so early after staying up so late :)

    P.S. I really love your blog's name!The Dickens fan in me ;)

    1. many thanks Cassandra! In general, if a book is that good, I can't relax until I've finished it...

  5. Sophie's World is one of those books that people keep recommending...I really need to read it one day! Congratulations on your successful readathon!




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